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My Free-Will Sovereign Activation Method is a five-step process to engage my clients in recognizing intellectually, emotionally and spiritually that they are the total creators of their reality. Acknowledging one's full agency as creator, allows acceptance and responsibility and their capacity for transformation. The process is as follows:

Shadow awareness is obtained by understanding the ego's tendency to put one’s self in a state where one identifies solely with the negative story and is disconnected from personal power. This is evident when we experience overwhelming feelings of sadness, grief, jealousy, anger, etc. During this time of overwhelment, one may be prone to use "I AM" followed by the shadow condition. I guide my clients to see that state of overwhelment as a wounded part-of-self coming up to the forefront of consciousness to be seen and healed. 

The moment the shadow self is identified, the condition or feeling is to be seen as a part of self in need of care. In this way, I support my clients into actively splitting their awareness into a two-part perspective: "I see a part of me feels isolated, frustrated, etc.".  When we understand that only a-part-of-me feels this way, not all-of-me, discernment begins loving inquiry to self: “Who is that part? Where is it centered in my body? What does this part of me have to say? What does this part need?"

Following discernment of the parts-of-self, we are asked to radically accept, connect and unconditionally love all the parts that have surfaced. In offering steady love, that no one other than self can offer, there is healing. Offering compassion for self is what is needed to resolve the learning theme. By generously loving the parts-of-self that have attracted anything that feels unwanted in one's life experience, we clear the impulse to claim victimhood and can find a passage off the drama-trauma cycle, allowing us to transition back to wellbeing.

Following the discernment and benevolence processes, I guide my clients to step into empowerment by setting fluid boundaries. The offering of boundaries is based on the discerned feelings regarding the body, one's work, relationships, use of technology/ media and environment: This offering for self may also include a communication or a boundary offered to others. 

At this stage, one has discerned, loved and set boundaries; the parts-of-self are comfortable, relaxed, safe and protected. An inner knowing of wholeness is now available, and there is space in one's being to expand. There is what I call a 'graduation' from a lesson. At this time, my client can now begin to see and to know differently. There are a quietness and access to a broader perspective of the Soul-mind. Together, we call forth and anchor this awareness to activate one's highest-and-best-self.