I work with organizations that are seeking holistic approaches to improving culture, recruiting/retaining great talent and building team morale. Together, through communication, assessment, planning and/or workshops we develop implementations for sustainable positive work environments that support creativity and innovation.

I offer my services to support the strategic visioning and planning of new ventures, events and conferences. I lead teams on the front-end of creative processes to facilitate exploration through a holistic lens. Through strategic assessment, visioning and planning, we clear blocks, explore potential and allow the flow of maximum synergy to inspire new growth. 

I lead workshops for professionals that support personal well-being, in addition to strategies to improve collaboration. My workshops are hands-on and offer easy, take away tools that facilitate experiential learning with others. Attendees leave excited and ready to grow into a more team-playing, empowered self. 

We learn and grow by doing. My project-based work enables hands-on opportunities that foster self-confidence, encourage the expression of hidden talents and open gateways for divergent thinking.  I offer a dynamic experience that engages professionals to build community naturally, creatively and joyfully. 

Speaking from the heart I offer relatable, inspiring, interactive public speaking experiences fit for a variety of audiences. My mindfulness-based approach to group gatherings focuses participants into present moment awareness, self confidence and inspired action.