1:1  S E S S I O N S

The journey of sovereign awakening begins with knowing that we are all born worthy, here by the grand design to embody the light from whom we came, of whom we are.

In my One-on-One Lightwork Sessions, I create a healing space that is safe, loving, dynamic and individually crafted to support my clients at all stages of their growth. Through a variety of modalities such as: conscious inquiry, intuitive guidance, sound healing, reiki healing and semi-conscious shamanic journey techniques, we heal the buried beliefs limiting expansion, restore the wisdom of the heart and allowance for the receptivity of all that is of highest good to enter one's life experience. 

My work is built on upon intent to support my clients in obtaining Sovereign Awareness. Sovereignty is the recognition intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, that we are the creators of our reality, it is the knowledge that we are responsible for compassionately healing self, awakening free-will of mind and heart, and allow for the actualization of our highest-and-best-self.  

Our work together helps build the sacred union with the most critical relationship of one's life, the one with self and self. And in turn, the attraction of right-relationship, right-work, and abundance creativity and all that is of highest good effortlessly enter ones life experience with ease, and supernatural grace. 

Couples: I offer services to couples in awareness that relationship is a gateway for spiritual growth, and wish to explore their primary relationship as a tool for greater intimacy with self and partner. I lovingly facilitate the release of old patterns to allow for heart opening, connection, and mutual satisfaction. I work with both new and established couples.


I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to answer questions and share more about my practice. 

Available upon request

Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NYC | Clinton/Washington G or C | Street parking is often easily available

I happily work with clients in Brooklyn, off-site, by phone or Skype

Policy: minimum 24-hours notice needed for canceled appointments 

Forms accepted: Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo | Due at time of treatment

Please contact me for current rates