My clients come from all walks of life.  I welcome any age, cultural background, gender or sexual orientation. 

I offer private sessions, utilizing a combination of modalities to assist clients in healing trauma, activating personal empowerment and sovereign alignment. 

I assist clients in cleansing, reconfiguring and introducing feng shui principles to align personal and professional spaces that are organized and nurturing.  

I work with couples who understand relationship as a gateway for spiritual growth. Same-sex couples are warmly welcomed. 

I facilitate engaging interactive group experiences for both spiritual seekers and professionals. LEARN MORE

Working with the healing intentionality of sacred geometry, I make paintings and murals that are uniquely personal, capturing the sacred pattern of the individual, couple, organization or space. 


SOMATIC HEALING is a holistic approach to talk therapy with an emphasis on integrating the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of self. We utilize the breath and body awareness to deepen understanding of experience.  Learn how to connect to the body's autonomic nervous system, in order to utilize tools to regulate in times of stress and to deepen sensations of joy, pleasure and ease. 

HYPNOTHERAPY is a trance state that bypasses the mental mind and ego, creating a relaxed willingness for inner exploration. In a semi-conscious state, I guide you to the root of your stress and stuck behaviors to effect deep healing.  We do this by recovering parts of self hidden beneath the surface, accessing past history, present knowing and inner wisdom.   

PARTS THERAPY & INNER ARCHETYPES activation can be achieved in the relaxed state of hypnosis. Because of negative socialization, there are parts of self that need recognition, healing, and boundaries. In hypnosis, we can assist those parts of self in need of connection. In trance states, we can enter a deep and powerful, multidimensional self to activate the parts that have inner knowing and wisdom. Discover your power archetypes. In meeting your future self, your inner beloved, your higher-self and your guides, you will discover a team of support waiting to connect with you to inspire an empowering life experience.

OUR INNER-CHILD can be healed in hypnosis. In a relaxed semi-conscious state, we invite your subconscious mind to take us to the origin of pain or a non-serving belief.  Often, the parts of us that come forward have been stuck in a memory of the past and are in need of integration with the present self.  Re-parenting your inner-child through love and connection releases unwanted patterns in your adult life. Healing the wounded child can transfer power to the wonder-child - the part of us that knows joy, connection and freedom.  

PAST LIFE REGRESSION can heal present experiences. I use past life therapy to safely guide you in recalling and healing the root cause of your present situation, in order to release karmic patterns. Additionally, you can go back to previous lifetimes for the purpose of resourcing and connecting to power, talents, feelings and gifts you possessed in other lives. Trusting what is revealed helps create understanding of your present situation and promotes shifts. Past life regression connects us with our larger intent as evolving souls and is a gateway to deepen the curiosity and gratitude for our current life. 

REIKI is a scientific system of Energy Medicine that works through the chakra energy centers. The chakras link the physical body with the soul, regulate prana or life force flowing into one’s organs, glands, body and brain. Reiki is a preventative healing system assists in restoring vitality and releases old emotional and mental patterns that are at the core of dis-ease and dis-harmony. When the energy body is clear and balanced, it allows the innate intelligence of the soul to express itself through the personality and the physical body. 

SOVEREIGN ACTIVATION is obtained when we recognize, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually that we are the total creators of our reality, and as creators, we are solely responsible for self. Sovereign alignment is a process of attuning to compassionate discernment, atonement, fluid boundaries, and claiming one's free-will. This actively overrides systems and beliefs of domination and control within self and the collective. Sovereignty births authentic integrity, confidence, and builds the foundation for one's unique lightwork to be expressed as gifts in service to the collective. Our deep self-commitment, rooted in authentic love contributes to the tipping point of awakening unity consciousness on planet earth: I am the light; the light I am, as are you.

HOLISTIC LIFE COACHING is the balance that anchors all the dimensions of my healing practice. Working with my own divine guidance, I assist clients in integrating the wisdom revealed in our work with clarity and direction. Through conversation, writing, art exercises, assigned readings, podcasts, programs and optional homework, my clients reinforce our learning and connect our own path to larger themes of collective awakening. 

SACRED UNION is a service for couples who acknowledge that relationship is an extension of the spiritual path and a gateway for soul growth. I work with couples who wish to explore their primary relationship consciously and move beyond the existing boundaries or blocks to achieve a greater sense of intimacy with self and with their partner. I work with old and new couples, those in love and those in need of healing. I also offer services for couples who are entering into life commitment and in preparation for ritual, wish to be held in a loving space to clear blocks, communicate needs and anchor a shared vision for their love.

SPACE CLEARING & SANCTUARY is the art of clearing and revitalizing energies in buildings. It's as essential to the energetic maintenance of a place as physical cleaning is to the physical maintenance. For your life to work well, it is vital to have a good flow of clear, vibrant energy in your home and workplace. I assist clients in energetically cleansing spaces, reconfiguring and introducing feng shui principles to align personal and professional spaces that are organized and nurturing. 


I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to answer questions and share more about my practice. 

60 minutes $140
90 minutes $210
120 minutes $280
Initial intake session is 90min*

60 minutes $240 scale

Available upon request

Forms accepted: Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo | Due at time of treatment 

Policy: minimum 24-hours notice to cancel or re-schedule appointments

Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NYC | Clinton/Washington G or C | Street parking is often easily available

I happily work with clients via phone or Skype.