My calling has evolved in role and function, guided by these core truths, I am always on the right path... 

What I find joy in doing is what I am designed to do and is the path to my purpose. 

The obstacles along the way add value to the journey and offer important learning experiences for my soul growth and expansion.  

The universe is abundant and life unfolds with ease when I trust, surrender and allow the well-being that abounds.  

A path of service. Early in my career I rooted in a socially responsible practice committed to social justice and equality. Years of working on the ground with various communities gave me the contrast, compassion, historical context and essential foundation to be of service to the diverse cliental that I serve today. The process of personal and collective healing are inter-dependent. To contribute to social progress taking responsibility for our own healing is essential. We create the change we seek from the inside out. Learning to accept and love ourselves (and all of our parts) is a step in the expansion of collective consciousness.



Be what you love. My combination of hypnosis, coaching and reiki is the most effective platform for me to serve others. Hypnosis offers a way to access the inner wisdom in us all. The insights we seek can be discovered inside ourselves. It is profound, sacred and fulfilling to guide others into connection and healing of their parts and alignment towards one's truth. My art work and murals are made in consideration of personal and collective spiritual awaking. They exists as healing portals with an intent to raise the vibration of the viewer with the use of sacred geometric forms and vibrant color.  I find joy in expansion as a healer and artist. My story unfolds with ease when lead with an invitation of co-creation and a curiosity of 

"...what unique gift, lesson, truth will I receive today?"