G O O D  D A Y ! 

Spring fever is extra alive for me this year. After a long Brooklyn winter, the intensity of this transition is beyond glorious. Earth awakens with flowers first. The daffodils bravely pop through the winter greys with yellow cups of delight. And the soft pinks of the cherry blossoms express the love of rebirth. Nature's social network communicates by engaging all senses with the awareness of life. This effortless shift is on-time with the rhythm of the grand design, and invites the inquiry: How does our innate nature inspire to bloom this season? 

In this pivotal time of earth's history, we are the instigators and witnesses of the collapse of patriarchy. The drama on the world's stage can feel foreboding. Inviting a self-care practice that heals the ego structure of habits, stories, and beliefs that weaken power is of highest good at this time.  As I experience more freedom in my consciousness and facilitate liberation among my client community, the questions that naturally emerge: What do I wish to give? What threads do I follow? The answer transmitted is ironically simple, yet rich beyond measure: 

"My Love, follow the Joy Impulse". 

Inspired joyful enthusiasm is the 'directional kit' of the innate hivemind intelligence and the gate to vessel-ship: receptivity for source energy to bloom through you, not from you, in soul-satisfying service. As the old paradigm gives way to the new; our joy-attuned higher-minds have the seeds of innovation to attract, in effortless synergy, right-relationship, and right-work, in harmonic concert with the heart. 

New Earth Consciousness is knowing we are the artists of our reality. Joy is the beat of the momentum towards union with our brilliance. Choosing to attune your paths to your highest enthusiasm, one moment at a time, aligns a state-of-being that ripple out expressed in your unique creativity. In this way, one inspired journey at a time, we shift our collective reality to mirror more of the light reflection of All That Is and birth Era of Infinite Possibilities on Earth, naturally. 

MANTRA: "I offer my benevolent love, across all timelines and lifetimes, and heal all block and beliefs withholding my Joy Impulse now. I allow myself to know, follow and flower in the rhythm of enthusiasm. I delight in the flavor of my unique signature frequency expressed in the beauty of my artistry. I allow my spirit to move with grace and create in harmony with the unlimited abundance of life."  And so it is, x 3. 

It's my highest enthusiasm to direct my light in service to yours. Please enjoy the activating effects of my new painting: SOVEREIGN PORTAL and join me for the launch of GROOVE PORTAL PARTY @ SACRED YOGA, as well as a link to some NEW CHUNES for the movers, groovers, and lovers. 

S p r i n g  l o v e,

l i z a b e t h