H e l l o  F r i e n d s,

This Summer 2018 my radius stayed close to home in Brooklyn. The moves made this season have been internal ones. I am emerging through a significant life challenge, while simultaneously living my best-life, yet. The highest teachings do dwell in the paradox, no doubt! 

On Mother's Day, I woke up with an impaired vision in my right eye and rushed to the hospital. I experienced the care of many well-meaning people and also the tragic shadow of the habits and habitats of the business of healthcare. After a slew of scans, tests, and procedures, my sensitive composition declined rapidly. Within a few days, I was discharged with no answers. Eventually, the diagnosis: optic neuritis, cause unknown.

And as with all great mysteries, the answers reside within our inner-gaze. What is the universe teaching me? What is for me to see differently? The reply: see self through the eyes of the Soul, delight in your inner beauty and reflect it out with grace, know unquestionable worthiness, to forgive is to receive, life is kind, the universe is love and One is in the Now. The insights continue to come in layers, but the theme is clear: let go of fear, be free, and trust. 
Unlike the ancients who broke the ego structure of fear with profound ceremony, those of us on the awakening path are working-it-out in the day-to-day of contemporary life. And when there is a strong desire to be free, life gives offers up what we need to expand. This is my shamanic death of fear and the birth a new vantage point of unshakable trust. All that ‘un-nerves’ is coming up to be washed away by the sea through my unique ceremony with life. And in prayerful alchemy, there is an allowance for deep residing trust. Trust in my body to heal itself in perfect time, trust in my livelihood, trust in all that is erupting on the world's stage, and trust in the unlimited generosity of life: as above, so below, the time is Now. 
My approach is simple: moment-by-moment love of the-one-within and rest my eyes on the natural world. As I love the one within with my breath, I see humanness in self and other with greater compassion and adorability. When I get scared, I love. When I get frustrated, I love. When I look at my reflection, I love. And with love, I am humbly patient in my optic healing process as light shines through me with sensations of peace, wonderment, and oneness. 

Oneness with the sweetness of my Soul and the placement of this challenge on my path at this time. Wonderment with the psychedelic natural beauty of life in the Now. Peace in the rightness to be of service with a greater embodiment of my truth. And yes, excitement to paint more light patterns of the grand design, that we all are apart of, with no exception. I'm here for it, all of it.  

Activation Prayer: I offer benevolent love to all parts of me, across all lifetime and timelines, holding fearful programs, beliefs and survival strategies. I am sorry, it is over, I am here, I love you, and I liberate you in the bounty of my grace. I see my truth and the truth of ALL through the eyes of my Soul.  I see my being held in the grand design with all life. I welcome inner peace, joy, and wonderment to delight me in all my days forward.  I trust life. I trust life. I trust life.  And so it is x 3. 

And next month, I am moving operations to a new vantage point. I am packing up my seven years at the Clinton Avenue Groove Portal and landing just a few blocks away, to the Clermont Avenue Launchpad. Thank you to ALL my friends and clients who have shared this space with me. The hangs and the healings have been EPIC experiences I will cherish in my heart memory.  A new home awaits with more light and room to dance, 5th floor.  

And below are upcoming community hypnotic journey gatherings, Maha Rose. If inspired, please join us in the circle.

W i t h  l o v e,

E l i z a b e t h