H E L L O !   

In this time of great resistancepersistence, and transformation, I am offering GRATITUDE and appreciation to the activists and artists, those on the front lines and those behind the scenes. Thank you to the educators, the youth workers, the seers and healers, the spiritualists, the visionaries, the writers, the fact checkers, journalists, musicians, dancers and empathic movie makers. Big up to the poets, the scientists, the quantum physicists, the sci-fi folks and comic book geeks and the freaks. Keep-on-keeping-on to the water protectors, the elders, the babies, the kids, the mamas, the papas, those in prayer and those at play. Special shout-out to all the comedians! Yes, more please! To the elected officials who are coming correct and the peacekeepers that know their role and duty, gratitude. And, to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the spotlight and all others known, and unknown, keeping it real, every day on the floor, I salute you.  

We are all playing our part, all ciphers adding to the pot of what is needed, at this time. Let us love each and celebrate the movement in all its glorious forms and functions, as there is no hierarchy in ascension. Let's keep up our good work and collaborate when synergy sparks. We are all here for a reason, at this time, expanding together, clearing centuries (perhaps millennia) of fear/ domination/ control programming in our own mental minds and in our societal structures. The dark is coming to light to be healed and transmuted by the elixir of our love. Begin with self, and make union with all of our glorious parts; then extend outward. The call for our lightwork is now. Let us anchor our true essence, as sovereign, free-will souls and fulfill our innate intent to be of service to a liberated planet earth. Let it be so!  

Together we rise. #unityconsciousness

With love, 

E l i z a b e t h

"Love is the most fundamental force of creation."

Nassim Haramein