G R E E T I N G S, 

Fall, the most epic expression of gravity and profound celebration of the art of change.  Fall invites all of our senses to surrender to the colors of a ceremonial fire. The autumn light dances with more shadow and the wind whistles a new song through the trees, welcoming our sovereign grace to move in unity with the transformational rhythms of Earth. And as we retreat into the comforts of indoor life, enter the circles of our communities, and fall into self with our inner-gaze - change occurs, naturally. The prayer is simple:I follow the rhythm of the natural world within me, I celebrate as I let go of what no longer serves and allow space for more light to radiate through me.   

My creative practices have evolved through many seasons. I have been honored to contribute to the expansion of programs, and assist clients and groups in the Bay Area, New Orleans, NYC, home in Brooklyn and abroad. Although my services vary in form, yet are consistent in utilizing my offerings to transform spaces with art that mirrors and activates and experiences that foster awakening, empowerment, and community. 

Once again, my sovereign journey is inviting me to elevate. I am pleased to share, in addition to my 1-on-1 sessionscommunity groupsmurals and studio art, I now offer custom sacred geometry murals for workspaces, workshops for entrepreneurs, and workshops for teams

Also, join us on Saturday, November 25th for my workshop at beloved Maha Rose, where we will gather, give thanks and activate. 

I look forward to connecting with you more. Warmest wishes for an abundant season ahead!   

With love, 

E l i z a b e t h

P O E T R Y 

"The winds are playing with you
and sing a different song now
follow the movements of the natural world within you
celebrate as you undress the layers
that make you safe and feel more
this is the way of rebirth, my love! 
And should you be weary
rest in the quiet of the dark
offer benevolence in your inner gaze. 
The soul blooms in all seasons
with desire to dance in truth
I AM devotional light as form."