Y A S S O S !  

I recently returned home to Brooklyn after a summer rich with travel. I bought a one way ticket to Greece, the land of my ancestors, with an invitation for adventure and change. In the open air of travel, I wanted something BIG to occur to inform my new direction. But, interestingly, no singular ‘wham' happened. Rather, I experienced a cascading of moments full of personal growth and pure delight.

The BIG was in the simple opulence of life and the joy of living it. The BIG was in the offering of gratitude to the land and people to whom I was a guest. It was in the scent of honey in the wind while scooting up the mountain and in the tones of the bouzouki playing while sipping local wine. It was in the pattern of salt on my skin made from a dip in the brilliant blue Aegean sea. The BIG was in loving the witnessing of my own light and shadow on a new spot on earth. As I gave myself what I desire most, my own presence, change occurred. New patterns emerged, others dissolved in the sea. It was a trip of many chapters, with one central theme: grace. And I'm staying with it.

As I practice grace in the now, I AM an extension of all-that-is, loving all-that-is, trusting all-that-is. This is what I call the Gentle Awakening Of Sovereign Grace. One wakeful breath at a time, our light is given the space to express into beingness, not through efforting, but through allowance. What I desire is seeking to come to me and express through me, with grace, I can relax and enjoy the ride. The portals of awakening are open and abundant, always beckoning us through our mediations, through our lightwork and through our adventure, travel and pursuits of pleasure.

The earth is asking for us all to be in our light consciousness, now. We each write our own story of our journey towards oneness. Where does your light wish to go? What is of highest good for you to contribute? Where can you invite grace in to allow for the actualization of your gifts? These are the questions I ask myself, as an evolving soul, and the questions I offer my clients. The seas are vast, the lands are wondrous, there are many paths to ascend, many portals to enter. What is calling to you?

It is my greatest honor to support others in awakening their highest-and-best selves. I look forward to continuing to serve my client-base and warmly welcome all those who feel attracted to my services and artwork. I offer complimentary phone consultations. If you wish to learn more about my offerings, please reach me here to book a call. Below, enjoy my latest painting and mural and workshop offering I AM SOVEREIGN GRACE.

I look forward to the opportunity to grow with you in the season ahead. May we individually and collectively move through our portals in whatever manner is of highest good, and may we anchor grace on this beloved earth in service to the wellbeing of all life.  Let it be so!

With love, 

E l i z a b e t h

"T h e  a w a k e n i n g  i s  t h e  p u r p o s e ." 

- Dolores Cannon