Elizabeth is a multi-disciplinary Artist and Lightworker. Her creative and interpersonal explorations derive from a shared source, informing each other through a dance of interdependence. All of her work - creative and interpersonal - is guided by universal principles that enable consciousness-awakening and sovereign activation.

Elizabeth’s studio art and custom mural work is comprised of an inventive geometric visual language that activates the awareness in the viewer of 'self ' as connected to the oneness of broader patterns that govern how the universe replicates itself. Her paintings function as dimensional gates, offering narratives and invitations for engagement between physical beingness and its equivalence on an esoteric level. Her public mural work seeks to demystify the art-making process and engages viewers to explore their creative source.

Elizabeth's facilitation and community development work is grounded in civic-engagement and public practice that utilizes visual art as a vehicle to support social equity and progressive systemic change. In 2009, she created Art & Consciousness, an integrative creative liberation + mindfulness development curriculum. She has served in schools, organizations, and communities in Oakland, San Francisco, New Orleans, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York City, and abroad in Ghana and Indonesia, through innovative classes, workshops, and public art projects.

In 2012, Elizabeth began to attract private clients and groups of spiritual seekers, and answered the call. Her individually-crafted approach blends modalities of intuitive guidance, sound healing, reiki healing, semi-conscious shamanic journey techniques, transpersonal hypnotherapy, past life regression, and creative expression. Elizabeth is passionate about growing her capacity to serve others, compassionately and effectively. Her tireless self-education of both ancient and innovative Lightwork technologies is paramount to her practice.

With her artwork, and her individual and community engagement, Elizabeth invites others to heal and transcend karmic patterns and socialized limitations. Her work is in service to our collective awakening - when all beings reside in conscious confidence mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and are free to express their unique light in the world.