"I make art that sparks the alchemy of awakening. A major theme in my work is the use of sacred geometry to engage an awareness of knowing self as one with the senior patterns of the universe. My creative process is symbiotic to mediation and shamanistic rituals, with intent to surrender pursuits of egoism or individualism and invite collaboration with spiritual guides, elemental properties, crystalline energies and universal laws. This enables work that is reflective of the first principles of things, including concepts as being, knowing, substance, essence, identity, time and space. The handcrafted construction of my work is free of digital influence and is essential to the function of the art. The dimension of the work is achieved through a mathematical series of transitions of light moving through light. The color arrangements arrive through a process of trials, creating surface texture and evidence of the hand in my process. The paintings are balanced prismatic forms, offering a transmission of hypnotic light and energy.  

My work as an artist includes a practice rooted a public art. I transform underutilized public spaces with activating and harmonizing sacred geometry. My artwork naturally nurtures environments to stimulate creativity, collaboration, and divergent thinking. My customized, professionally executed murals elevate spaces to their highest potential."