C O M M U N I T Y 



Tuesday, March 6th

I Am Artist :

Hypnosis & Creativity


with Elizabeth Traina

In this workshop, I will share my five-step sovereign activation process to heal beliefs that are non-serving to your highest-and-best. The focus of intention: The inner-artist within self and in the collective. 

In a guided hypnotic trance, activate your free-will consciousness and direct your power of intent in the liberation of your creative flow and highest enthusiasm. Following hypnosis, you will anchor your activation with creative writing/art making. Creativity is our birthright and is often underutilized due to systems and norms that have limited access to exploration and expression. In this workshop, we will liberate creative energy to move through you.

Allow artistic expression to infuse your relationship with self, others and assist your work with unlimited divergent thinking and synergy.  The beauty that can only be uniquely expressed through you is ready to be activated and shared, now. 

Exchange: $44