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Past events:

H Y P N O T I C  J O U R N E Y  S E R I E S  

September 12th  7:30-9:30 | Theme: Love the One Within 


Wonderment is the state-of-being of inner child of us all. Wonderment is grace at play with the beauty of the world. It is in the depth of the gaze of a newborn, the playful bliss of a child excited to be here in the world and completely in the now. There is no shortage of this lightness of being; it is available to us now.

Through the ups and downs of our earth walks, the ego structure develops in an attempt to protect the tenderness within. These survival strategies are well intended; however, they are often outdated and in need of love. Healing the protective structures allows for our playful innocence to flourish within the safety of the higher-self held in the infinite trust of the benevolent universe. 

September is a gateway where memories of our younger self easily accessed. The back-to-school vibes are in the air, and we celebrate the children of our community ushing in the new year ahead, how is the state of your inner child at this time? Is there a younger version of self-ready to let go of armor and play in your light?  Your love is all that is needed.

In this gathering, I will gently guide you safe and sacred manner, to relax, bypass the mental-mind to enter a dynamic hypnotic journey for inner exploration. In a relaxed semi-conscious state, we invite your subconscious/higher-mind to take us to connect to a younger version of self in need of your love and celebration. The benefits of the integration of the one within are remarkable. Re-parenting your inner-child releases unwanted patterns in your adult life and enhances the now with more creativity, joy, freedom, and excitement. Please join us for this beautiful opportunity for a homecoming within!



October 10th   7:30-9:30 | Theme: ENTER THE NOW

Explore new tools for self awareness + go on a hypnotic journey into the subconscious and awaken to the aliveness of the here and now. Learn how to shift out of thoughts of the past or future, discern the difference between the frequency of vision vs. fantasy, attachment vs. trust. Heal the ego structure of compulsive thoughts and projections and anchor presence in a state of being rooted in your most essential authentic self, beyond time structure, forever in the infinite now. Dive into the subconscious and access your blue-print-level reality with invitations to activate awareness to new levels of authentic power, multi dimensional communication and inner peace. Lead by me, Elizabeth Traina and participating guides 🕊


November 21st 7:30-9:30 | Theme: Sacred Archetype Activation 


In a safe and sacred manner, I gently guide you to relax, bypass the mental mind/ego to enter a dynamic, hypnotic journey for inner exploration. In this workshop, we will explore some of the ancient archetypes found in mythology from cultures all over the world. The universal mythic characters or archetypes reside within the collective unconscious. In trance states, we can create union with the powerful archetypes and activate inner knowing and untapped wisdom. Join us for a journey of discovery of your multidimensional self.  



December 12th 7:30-9:30 Theme: CREATIVITY UNLIMITED


In this workshop, I will share my five-step sovereign activation process to heal beliefs that are non-serving to your highest-and-best. The focus of intention: The inner-artist within and in the collective. In a guided hypnotic trance, activate your free-will consciousness and direct your power of intent in the liberation of your creative flow and highest enthusiasm. Following hypnosis, you will anchor your activation with creative writing/art making. Creativity is our birthright and is often underutilized due to systems and norms that have limited access to exploration and expression. In this workshop, we will liberate creative energy to move through you.Allow artistic expression to infuse your relationship with self, others and assist your work with unlimited divergent thinking and synergy.  The beauty that can only be uniquely expressed through you is ready to be activated and shared, now.